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COWAROBOT R1 - ein smarter Reisekoffer um € 499

Neu bei myRobotcenter: Li-Ionen Ersatzakku (6.400 mAh) für COWAROBOT R1 - zum selber austauschen. Jetzt passendes Zubehör für den COWAROBOT online kaufen COWAROBOT R1 is a TSA approved carry-on size smart A.I. robotic suitcase that stays with you at all times. With high tech features like autonomous travel, follow me mode, app control, proximity alarms, and removable battery the R1 frees your hands and makes traveling accessible Bei dem Herstellernamen COWAROBOT werden die meisten vermutlich nicht direkt aufhorchen oder eine Verknüpfung im Gehirn erstellen können. Aber: Das chinesische Unternehmen ist der Erfinder des COWAROBOT R1, dem ersten Koffer, der seinem Besitzer automatisch folgt.Somit muss man den Koffer nicht mehr hinter sich herziehen Buy COWAROBOT-Smart Luggage :Rover Robot Radar Follow Luggage Cases+Power Bank+ Bracelet and other Carry-Ons at Amazon.com. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns

The COWAROBOT R1 is a smart and automatic suitcase. By recognizing its owner, the suitcase follows them wherever they go - without remote control or any other help. Skilfully, it navigates around obstacles and does not leave its owner's side. With only 5.5 kg, the smart suitcase isn't heavier than a conventional hard protective case No need for padlocks and cable ties. Equipped with a rotate-to-open smart lock and an electronic lock controlled by the app, the Rover Speed is one of the most secure luggage options out there

COWAROBOT R1 The World's First Fully Autonomous AI Robotic

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the smart suitcase Cowarobot R1. Cowarobot R1: a carry-on luggage that follows its owner automatically. With a perceived top speed, the smart suitcase follows its owner on every step of the way. But does the suitcase even know who its owner is or does it simply follow any traveller? It is quite clear: Inbuilt sensors let the Cowarobot R1 recognise the body shape. COWAROBOT R1 is your trusty travel companion that is always by your side. It can transition easily from hardwood floors to carpets, and handle uneven roads. It moves at 4.5mph and can handle slopes up to 15°. If you ever want to pull the luggage yourself instead of having it follow you, just touch the handle. Eyes On The Road: The R1 can see and feel the world around it. CO-EYE our patented. your first robotic travel buddy that's more than just a carry-on suitcase, i

Cowarobot R1 Smart Suitcase Autonomously Follows You

The first autonomous suitcase with obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, portable power bank and TSA approved smart lock. Please check for more information at www.cowarobot.co Cowarobot R1: Praktischer Roboter-Koffer hat seinen Preis. Der Roboter-Koffer soll zu einem Preis von 699 US-Dollar in den Handel kommen. Auf der Crowdfunding-Plattform Indiegogo, wo in Kürze. Der Cowarobot R1 kann rund sieben Stundenkilometer schnell werden und bewältigt auch Steigungen bis 15 Grad. Für den Strom sorgt eine abnehmbare Powerbank, an die man auch ein Smartphone anschließen kann. Damit kommt man laut Hersteller ohne Probleme durch den Sicherheitscheck am Flughafen, der Akku darf als Handgepäck mit an Bord genommen werden. Auch die Maße des Koffers entsprechen den. Uniden Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector 360 Degree Dsp Voice Alert, 1.1 Lb. 4.4 out of 5 stars 277. $189.00 $ 189. 00 $199.69 $199.69. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 23. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More Buying Choices $188.45 (13 used & new offers) M-G 330619t Stator Flywheel Cover Gasket for Yamaha R1 Yzf r1 Yzf 02-2003 Engine Parts. $11.99 $ 11. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 23.

Nummer zwei ist die Firma Cowarobot aus Shanghai mit dem Cowarobot R1, einem selbstfahrenden Koffer, der dem Besitzer wie ein treuer Hund auf Schritt und Tritt folgt. Das Verkaufsvideo von Modobag. COWAROBOT R1 senses your movement and follows you on its own. It is designed to completely free your hands, allowing you to fully enjoy life even when you are on the go. Eyes On The Road. The R1 can see and feel the world around it. Using the patented depth sensor, CO-EYE, a set of sonar and cliff detection sensors, R1 is constantly collecting and sending data back to the CO-MOVE autonomous.

Cowarobot R1: Der smarte Koffer, der dir automatisch folgt

  1. Cowarobot R1: Autonomer Rollkoffer wird 700 US-Dollar kosten Der autonome Rollkoffer Cowarobot R1 wird ein teures Handgepäckstück mit dem Preis eines Rimowa Cabin Trolleys. Der bereits auf der CES Asia vorgestellte Koffer ist allerdings noch weit von einem Verkauf entfernt, denn die Finanzierung ist noch nicht sicher
  2. COWAROBOT R1, which was debuted at CES Asia in May 2016, is the first carry-on suitcase that simply rolls along with you. Designed to free your hands from holding or rolling luggage while.
  3. I need the COWAROBOT R1 bot, even if it might breakdown in fully autonomous mode and fight me or my friend R2-D2! Filed Under: Robotics. Written by R.J. Huneke. R.J. is a New York based editor and author with an unhealthy addiction to emerging gadgetry and robotics. You can connect with him on Twitter and follow him on Facebook. More From Gadizmo. Robot Dog Pulls 3-ton Plane Ray Bradbury Turns.
  4. g in the time where high-tech innovations like driverless car are beginning to thrive. The Cowarobot R1 is currently retailing for $429 for early birds and $499 regular price. And for more details for knowledge sake on the full technology behind Cowarobot R1.
  5. COWAROBOT R1 - The first and only robotic suitcase. (Robots, Hardware, and Travel) Discover 4 alternatives like FLOATTI and Bluesmart: Black Editio
  6. COWAROBOT R1, the first robot suitcase that raised $580K last year, has failed to deliver. But that's OK, they're already creating a new improved version, with cool renders, that will surely be completed and delivered. Sadly, one of the most hilariously stupid campaigns in recent memory may be a non-producing dud. Looks like they might be employing the classic tactic of We failed to deliver.
  7. 4 alternative and related products to COWAROBOT R1. COWAROBOT R1. The first and only robotic suitcase. Robots. Hardware. Travel + 1. more info. HEY. Email at its best, new from Basecamp. Promoted. 4 Alternatives to COWAROBOT R1. Travelmate. Fully autonomous robot suitcase. Robots. Hardware. Nomad Lifestyle + 2. 419 more info. 13 Alternatives to Travelmate. Bluesmart Series 2. Smart luggage.

„Cowarobot R1: Dieser Koffer folgt seinem Besitzer

COWAROBOT Robotic Suitcase 20 CWL16R1L [ Smart Travel ] with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty quantity. Add to cart. Quick Buy. Add to Wishlist. SKU: COWAROBOT Suitcase 20 Category: Travel & Luggage. Rover speed. Description Brand Additional information Reviews (0) Description weight: 5.5KG volume: 32L size: 38*21*55 cm luggage hardness: hard lock type: the TSA combination lock rod: 1 rod lock type. › Cowarobot R1: Autonomer Ok, und wie wird verhindert dass Diebe ‹ Thema › Neues Thema Ansicht wechseln. Ok, und wie wird verhindert dass Diebe Autor: Keridalspidialose 05.07.16 - 10:59 den Koffer klauen? Vielleicht können sie den 700-EUR-Koffer selbst nicht weiterverkaufen, aber wer 700 EUR für den Koffer ausgibt der hat da sicher feine Sachen drin. Jemand der davon ausgeht dass. COWAROBOT. Fashion. The COWAROBOT R1 Is a Carry-on Suitcase That Automatically Follows You. A smart, multi-functional travel companion. By Robert Patos / Jul 21, 2016. Jul 21, 2016. COWAROBOT was founded by a group of robot enthusiasts, who have many years' experience in industrial robot technology, determined to design and produce consumer robots. R1 is the first walking suitcase in the world, a 20-inch suitcase that designed to free your hands from holding the handle

Cowarobot R1: Autonomer Rollkoffer wird 700 US-Dollar

  1. Home » general » Cowarobot R1: A Travel Companion Hi-Tech Suitcase That Follows You Around automatically. Rabu, 27 Juli 2016. Cowarobot R1: A Travel Companion Hi-Tech Suitcase That Follows You Around automatically. By Unknown di Juli 27, 2016. Cowarobot R1: A Travel Companion Hi-Tech Suitcase That Follows You Around automatically - welcome to the blog Software Gadget.
  2. Cowarobot R1, the smart suitcase is designed to make all your travel essentials automatically follow you, so you don't need to hold the handle all the time. Cool? Let's continue checking the autonomous suitcase. The Cowarobot Ri is an advanced and versatile smart carry-on suitcase that measures 380 x 550 x 200mm and weighs 4.8kg. The suitcase shows off a sleek, modern design along with.
  3. COWAROBOT R1: a suitcase that follows its owner. You read that right! The COWAROBOT R1 is a suitcase that follows you. With in-built sensors, it detects the body shape and way of walking of its owner and can also avoid collision with obstacles. The robot suitcase can be used as hand luggage on many flights and also serves as power bank to charge your electronical devices. Via app, you have the.
  4. And if you're wondering how intuitive Cowarobot R1 is, it can recognize when obstacles like people, poles, and stairs are close by. According to the Cowarobot site, The CO-MOVE system is the.

There are actually suitcases that follow you around like a puppy and the Cowarobot R1 is one of them. The Cowarobot is a carry-on sized robot suitcase that stays with you all the time. It moves by itself, so you can drink your coffee and talk on the phone while you walk around. It's smart enough to avoid obstacles and it may lag a bit if it does, but it will always find its way to you and. Cowarobot R1 auf theoretische 3,5 Kilogramm beschränkt. Immerhin entsprechen die Dimensionen des Robo-Koffers den Fluglinien-Bestimmungen. Der Koffer wird 699 US-Dollar kosten und im Oktober. Meet COWAROBOT R1: a robotic suitcase that autonomously follows you as you move, so you don't have to worry about losing it. It comes with obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, a portable power bank, and a TSA approved smart lock. The suitcase comes with cameras to sense your movement and follow you. It can find its way back to you within a certain distance. More like this ️ here. COWAROBOT R1.

COWAROBOT R1 - a smart suitcase for € 799 myRobotcente

  1. Cowarobot R1: A Travel Companion Hi-Tech Suitcase That Follows You Around automatically - this blog we have built a few years ago and already very many blog visitors Max Gadget who are satisfied with the information we convey and we say thanks for that, we will then improve the quality of information we convey to you, well according to what you are looking for we will now discuss first about.
  2. d by the Cowarobot R1, which its manufacturer says is the world's first autonomous suitcase. LOL.
  3. Cowarobot R1 is a fully autonomous smart suitcase that follows you around like a puppy. The device rolls at a rate of 7.2 km/h (4.5 mph), faster than the average walking speed and uses an advanced sensor in order to find an optimal path to walk along with the user. The robotic suitcase is also equipped with a patented TSA CO-SMART intelligent lock. The lock will automatically lock itself, to.
  4. The COWAROBOT R1 is a fully autonomous, smart suitcase that will follow alongside its user as they travel. With additional features like GPS and a portable charging bank, this robotic companion.
  5. The COWAROBOT R1 is not without its drawbacks. The one problem it does face is the fact it weighs 10.58 lbs. unpacked. Packed, you might be quickly nearing the weight restrictions of some airlines where an excess baggage fee could come into play, should you have to check it. Other than that, this bag is jus
  6. Cowarobot R1 is a new automated suitcase that follows the user as they walk along, making a hands-free experience for the owner of the suitcase. A suitcase that will play R2-D2 to your Luke Skywalker
  7. Cowarobot R1 Robotic Suitcase. Pledge Price: $429.00+ Link Comment. TSA-approved luggage that uses sensors and a bracelet to autonomously move and follow you at up to 4.5mph. It automatically switches to manual mode when you touch its handle and uses GPS to go back to you or send you its location via an app. Crowdfunded projects pose a degree of risk for buyers, so be sure to do your research.

Ersatzakku für COWAROBOT myRobotcente

  1. COWAROBOT R1, first ever #robotic suitcase, is LIVE on @Indiegogo! #crowdfunding #startup Tweet this COWAROBOT R1, which was debuted at CES Asia in May 2016, is the first carry-on suitcase that simply rolls along with you. Designed to free your hands from holding or rolling luggage while traveling, the attractive 20-inch suitcase uses multi-sensor fusion technology and robot motion control.
  2. COWARobot, Luggage that follows you verywhere. Posted by Dr.Seeheart at 08:52 No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Saturday, 13 August 2016. Posted by Dr.Seeheart at 19:54 No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Top Products. DRAG HERE. 0. Tas Belanja. Buka Tas.
  3. The COWAROBOT R1 is a smart carry-on suitcase that can autonomously roll along beside you as you walk hands-free. Measuring in at just 20 inches, t he functional travel accessory packs multi.
  4. Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase (Cowarobot R1) You can fund them on Amazon and be one of the first with this game changer. Or follow check them out on their website at cowarobot.com. Product description. Meet COWAROBOT R1: a robotic suitcase that autonomously follows you as you move, so you don't have to worry about losing it. It comes with obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, a portable power bank.
  5. The Cowa Robot Suitcase hits the runway. The wide-eyed enthusiasm of the developer I spoke with was infectious. She adored this product. To see this silly little suitcase spinning around on a catwalk, surrounded by fashion models, while a robotics engineer jubilantly rattled off the list of features it was everything you want the future to be: optimistic, clever, and a little gaudy


The COWAROBOT R1 aims to be a much more refined product. It will try to follow by your side and stay within your line of sight, as well as your hand's reach. Its powerful motors allow it to. Cowarobot is a robotics company bringing proprietary robotics technology to consumer products. The Company is engaged in research of self-driving technology and robot motion control algorithm. Cowarobot's flagship product is R1, a fully autonomous robotic smart suitcase, that follows its user while avoiding obstacles

Xiaomi und COWAROBOT bringen Koffer, der seinem Besitzer folg

Amazon.com COWAROBOT-Smart Luggage :Rover Robot Radar ..

Praktisch Cowarobot R1 soll bald auf der Crowdfunding-Plattform Indiegogo zu erwerben sein. Der Roboter-Koffer soll Reisenden nicht nur folgen, sondern auch ihre Smartphones laden. (Bild. In this week's crowdfunding campaign of the week, you're going to see something amazing; The world's first robotic suitcase, COWAROBOT R1. If you have three minutes to spare, I encourage you to. Meet the COWAROBOT R1: a smart robotic suitcase that automatically follows you and keeps proper distance as you walk. It relies on sensors and cameras to sense its environment, plan paths, and avoid obstacles. The suitcase can detect your position and find its way back to you within a certain distance. Also check out: PerfectPrime IR0102 Thermal Imager for Android Smartphones; You also get an. Travel without worrying about handling the weight of your suitcase with COWAROBOT R1. This is a robotic suitcase that incorporates robotic technology on its smart suitcase shell. As a result, it can follow tracks autonomously, thus making the process of traveling with a suitcase smooth and hassle-free. It will simply roll-on with you and make you enjoy a hands-free mode of traveling all along. This is the COWAROBOT R1, a suitcase that follows you autonomously, while avoiding obstacles.It also has a portable power bank to charge your smartphone or other devices. Now it just needs to look.

COWAROBOT R1 - a smart suitcase for £ 449 myRobotcente

CowaRobot R1 [Photo/Courtesy of CowaRobot] At peak travel times, dragging your weighty suitcase through a crowded airport is one of the most annoying things imaginable Der Cowarobot R1 hat ein Leergewicht von fünf Kilogramm, der Modobag wiegt sogar acht Kilo. Damit erreicht er schon leer die bei vielen europäischen Airlines geltende Gewichtsbegrenzung für Handgepäck. In den USA gibt es derartige Beschränkungen für Handgepäck allerdings nur selten. Weiterführende Links

COWAROBOT R1 - a smart suitcase for £ 449 | myRobotcenter

The world's first auto-follow robotic suitcas

  1. The hands-free Cowarobot R1 is an autonomous, smart suitcase that follows you. It simply traipses along beside you like a hybrid between a Roomba and a co-dependent dog. No need to touch the.
  2. In puncto Automatisierung weiter ist die chinesische Firma Cowarobot, die bereits auf mehreren Messen ihre mittels Elektromotoren selbstfahrenden Trolleys vorgestellt hat. Die Auslieferung des R1.
  3. Cowarobot's designers have also given a bit of thought to security checkpoints by ensuring the case's USB battery is easily removable. Just like its pseudo-competitor Modobag, the Cowarobot R1 is currently available for purchase on Indiegogo. But at an introductory offer of just $499, the R1 is currently only about half the price of Modobag.
  4. Der COWAROBOT R1 hat mit 38cm x 55 cm x 20 cm gute Maße um als Handgepäck bei fast allen Airlines durchzugehen. Was allerdings absolut nicht Handgepäcktauglich ist, ist das Gewicht: 4,8 kg wiegt alleine der Koffer mit der ganzen Technik. Der herausnehmbare Akku für den Antrieb wiegt noch einmal 462 g. Insgesamt 5,3 kg. Vergleichbare Koffer haben ein Eigengewicht von 1,7 bis 3,5 kg und die.
  5. dpa/Cowarobot/dpa-tmn Bild 4/14 - Dank Smartwatch-Verbindung fährt der R1 von Cowarobot selbstständig zum Gate. dpa/BlueSmart/dpa-tmn Bild 5/14 - In den Trolley von BlueSmart ist unter anderem.
  6. Es geht aber künftig noch einfacher: Laut Futurezone soll noch im Juli eine Crowdfunding-Aktion für den Cowarobot R1 starten, einen motorisierten Rollkoffer, der dem Besitzer folgt. Dabei soll er Spitzengeschwindigkeiten von 7,2 km/h erreichen. Innerhalb von 50 Metern folgt der Koffer dem Besitzer selbstständig, er ist stets kabellos mit einem Tracking-Armband (gleichzeitig das Schloss für.
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Cowarobot R1 review: features, price, release date and mor

The Cowarobot R1 will follow you on your travels. Image credit: Cowarobot. The R1 looks like a regular rolling suitcase until you get a little closer. Aside from the fact that the bag is rolling along next to someone who isn't pulling it, the beefy-looking set of motorized wheels with serious looking teeth are a giveaway that this piece of luggage is a little out of the ordinary. The. Cowarobot R1 — Self-driving auto-follow suitcase. Omega 2 — $5 Linux computer. At any given moment, there are approximately a zillion crowdfunding campaigns on the web. Take a stroll through. CowaRobot R1 Smart Luggage. CowaRobot R1 is another very capable smart suitcase that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to effectively follow you. It uses the state of the art CO-MOVE autonomous following system which uses the various sensors to collect the data to follow you around. It also comes with the TSA Compliant Co-Smart Intelligent lock which allows you to unlock the suitcase via. COWAROBOT, maker of the world's first robotic suitcase that follows the user in collaboration with Xiaomi has launched their latest variant. It is offered on the Youpin crowdfunding platform.

Tge Cowarobot R1 may just be the thing you're looking for, as it is both intelligent and autonomous, capable of following you around, avoiding obstacles along the way. Unveiled at CES this year. Aug 1, 2016 - COWAROBOT R1 is the first carry-on suitcase that follows you as you walk using multi-sensor fusion technology and robot motion control algorithm Dank Smartwatch-Verbindung fährt der R1 von Cowarobot selbstständig zum Gate. Quelle: Cowarobot/dpa-tmn. Anzeige. Der Hersteller Rimowa bietet bei seinem digitalisierten Gepäck einen Electronic.

Cowarobot R1: World's First Autonomous Suitcase | Q8 ALL

COWAROBOT R1: The First Robotic Suitcase - YouTub

Cowarobot R1: Cowarobot R1 is a robotic suitcase that can follow you autonomously. It's capable of avoiding obstacles in its path, and maneuvers to stay in your line of sight. Its multiple smartsensors gather data from its surrounding area and ensure it returns to its place next to you. It has a max speed of 4.5 miles per hour, and runs for 12.5 continuous miles when fully recharged. Its. In puncto Automatisierung weiter ist die chinesische Firma Cowarobot, die bereits auf mehreren Messen ihre mittels Elektromotoren selbstfahrenden Trolleys vorgestellt hat. Die Auslieferung des R1, der per Smartwatch-Verbindung seinem Besitzer folgt und dank Sensoren auch Hindernissen ausweichen können soll, ist allerdings in Verzug. Seit Monaten ist auf der Website zu lesen: Coming soon. The Cowarobot R1 is capable of analysing the world around it through a number of sensors, including sonar, a cliff detection sensor and the CO-EYE patented depth sensor. This information allows the suitcase to follow users at up to 7km/h while avoiding other people and obstacles. The suitcase can run for 20km on a single charge, and is able to travel up and down slopes of up to 15 degrees. A.

Das chinesische Unternehmen ist der Erfinder des COWAROBOT R1, dem ersten Koffer, der seinem Besitzer automatisch folgt. Somit muss man den Koffer nicht mehr hinter sich herziehen. Da wurde der Tech-Riese Xiaomi wohl aufmerksam und bringt nun in gemeinsamer Kooperation einen Reisekoffer auf den Markt, der ebendies vermag - und noch mehr. 49 Kommentare 14. Dezember 2019 von Tim . Die. Cowarobot R1 repräsentiert den aktuellsten Stand der Technik und ist dadurch in der Lage, selbstständig einem Weg zu folgen. Dank leistungsstarker Multisensor-Fusionstechnologie und einem Roboterbewegungssteuerungs-Algorithmus rollt der Roboterkoffer automatisch hinter Ihnen her, somit haben Sie die Hände frei. Mit seinem ausgereiften Sichtsensor sucht er sich den idealen Weg, um mit.

COWAROBOT R1: the carry-on suitcase that autonomously

Der selbstfahrende Trolley Cowarobot R1 (erscheint in Kürze, ca. 700 Euro, cowarobot.com) mit integrierter Powerbank folgt dem Besitzer per Smartwatch auf Schritt und Tritt und weicht dank Sensoren sogar Hindernissen aus. Gute Aussichten Gebäude, Kliff, Hotelbar - von wo aus ist die Sicht am schönsten? Wo Sie den besten Ausblick auf Ihr Reiseziel genießen, verrät die App Views on Top. Cowarobot R1. Hands free traveling is a primary feature of the Cowarobot, and its app; it's trying to take the lugging around out of the luggage experience. This fully autonomous smart.

A smart suitcase that can follow you is being crowdfunded
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